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Maintainance window on 2024-06-30

Dear customers and partners,

we are planning to deploy a substantial change to our software that allows us to build more seamless integrations in the future.

This will unfortunately require a short downtime of a few minues. Therefore we hereby inform you about a maintenance window for pretix:

from Sunday,  2024-06-30, 20:30:00 UTC
     to   Sunday,  2024-06-30, 22:30:00 UTC

You can convert this to your timezone here:

We do expect the actual downtime of the system to only last for a few
minutes during the window.

If you have an event at this time, we kindly ask you to make sure that your check-in devices are synchronized beforehand and switched to offline scanning mode to prevent any disruption to your event. If you have any questions on this, please reach out to us.

Thank you,
your team

The system is up and running again since 21:19 UTC.

The migration has completed, we will now perform checks to see if everything is in order before re-enabling access.

We started operations with availability impact at 20:45 UTC. Unfortunately, due to an operational mistake, the system was in an unclear state where it still answered some requests and showed some errors until 20:55 UTC. Since 20:55 the system is not reachable and we are currently migrating the necessary data.

We are now starting our maintenance activities. We will let you know here once they are over.

The maintenance was announced.

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