System Status

pretix System Status

14 February 2024

2 incidents

Secondary services down

A data center we use for secondary services like our support systems, our documentation page, etc. seems to have connectivity issues. pretix itself is not directly impacted but sending of emails might be delayed.

The incident has been resolved by our data center provider as of ~30 minutes ago. They are still monitoring the situation, but from our end everything looks fine.

All systems are currently running, we are awaiting further information from the data center provider.

The problem seems to continue, services are off and on every few minutes.

All affected servers seem to be up again but still with impacted performance.

Services are recovering, so far there is no significant impact to email sending through pretix.

Connection issues

Currently approximately 50% of clients are seeing connection issues to our system.

The incident has been fully resolved, we apologize for any inconvenience this caused.

We have restarted the affected server and the issue seems to be resolved, we are closely monitoring the situation.

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